Johns Hopkins Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations

We provide insightful, pro bono strategic consulting to achieve significant results in our local community.


The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) chapter of Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO) was founded in the Fall of 2011. Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to maximize their impact in the community. The added-value that our consultants bring comes from our rigorous application and training process, which yields an acceptance rate of ~20% of applicants becoming SCNO consultants. Our members, consisting of the premier consulting talent at JHU, work together to provide sound analysis and generate creative insight from their academic, professional, and training experiences. With generous support from the university, JHU SCNO is proud to be able to provide all of our services  pro bono.

Traditionally, SCNO assists with engagements involving:

Fundraising & Capital Allocation


Finance & Accounting


Organization Strategy

Business Process 


Requirements Gathering

Post Monitoring

Strategy Development

Strategy Execution

Throughout every step of this consulting engagement, we hold ourself to the highest professional standards through our 3 C's:

Communication - every engagement team is instructed to respond to client emails within 48 hours to maintain a constant feedback loop.
Confidentiality - each SCNO consultant is trained on the importance of client privacy given the sensitive nature of the issues that the nonprofits work on. 
Creativity - JHU SCNO prides itself on its ability to think of innovative solutions to the most complex b usinessissues facing nonprofit organizations.

60 Projects Completed So Far!


"The work the SCNO team did for us was invaluable.  The team exceeded my expectations in every aspect and now that we’re in a more advanced stage, we refer to the final report very frequently."
"...the team worked well with our staff and provided suggestions for improving our work processes. The team kept in constant contact and site visits were made to meet with the staff and to familiarize themselves with our organization."
"Based on the Engagement Showcase presentations, it appears they were very thorough in assessing the other organizations as well."