Our Team


Celine Shanosky
Year of Study: Junior
Major/Minor: Public Health & English
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Contact: cshanos1@jhu.edu
My favorite thing about SCNO
is engaging with the vibrant and dedicated community of Baltimore nonprofits. I love connecting Hopkins students to community leaders, as I believe that we have so much to learn from the city around us.
Karina Ikeda
VP of Community Engagement
Year of Study: Junior
Major/Minor: Public Health & Minor in French
Hometown: Armonk, NY
Contact: kikeda2@jhu.edu
My favorite thing about SCNO
is being able to actively be involved in the Baltimore community and help nonprofits achieve their causes
Alessandra Golden
Year of Study: Junior
Major/Minor: Cognitive Science
Hometown: Miami, FL
Contact: agolden9@jhu.edu
My favorite thing about SCNO
is the invaluable professional exposure, the ability to work with and learn from immensely talented peers, and the challenge and opportunity to channel what is learned in the classroom into work that helps real clients realize their mission statements and improve the Baltimore around us.
Alex Doran
VP of Marketing
Year of Study: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering & Minor in GECS
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Contact: alexdoran@jhu.edu
My favorite thing about SCNO
is being able to do work worth doing — it is amazing to be able to give back the Baltimore community and support non-profits that provide incredible services, and have the opportunity to pursue professional development at the individual level as well.
Samuel Jackson
VP of Professional Development
Year of Study: Junior
Major/Minor: Economics & International Studies
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Contact: samwj123@gmail.com
My favorite thing about SCNO
is the rewarding experiences I’ve had at JHU. The amount of experience you gain over a short period of time is unbelievable and there is nothing better than the feeling you get from when you turn in all your hard work to a Non-profit and they go out into the world and use it everyday.
Craig Chikis
VP of Operations
Year of Study: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Hometown: Marlboro, NJ
Contact: cchikis1@jhu.edu
My favorite thing about SCNO
is being able to get a taste for professional consulting while making a positive impact on my community.

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Team Lead: Shipra Khatri & Roxanna Noakes 
Executive Board Advisor: Alessandra Golden
Team Members: Olivia Berci, Lauren Ralph, Will Pausternack, Teo Icliyurek
Team Lead: Rohan Gupta
Executive Board Advisor: Alex Doran
Team Members: Oscar B, Radha Bhatnagar, Theodore Lee, Lindsay Harris

Team Lead: Sonak Kolar & Clay Zou
Executive Board Advisor: Alessandra Golden
Team Members: Lauren Bernard, Roxanne Trager, Joseph Naness, Jake Kim

Team Lead: Apricot Tang
Executive Board Advisor: Craig Chikis
Team Members: Marty Feuerstein-Mendik, Jeff Braun, Peter Durham, Sunny Thodupunuri, Lily McCarthy

Team Lead: Pranay Orugunta
Executive Board Advisor: Karina Ikeda
Team Members: Joy Wang, Liam Wall, Tim Sheih, Tamara Villalon

Team Lead: Eric Huang
Executive Board Advisor: Samuel Jackson
Team Members: Hannah Folz, Byron D'Mello, Johnathon Cook, Leia Feng, Matthew Lee

10:12 SPORTS
Team Lead: Kimberly Zou
Executive Board Advisor: Celine Shanosky
Team Members: Rohan Tilva, John Kettle, Saksham Bhandari, Rahul Reddy, Yuyan Pu


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